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“Hansa Rederi” is experienced in crew manning and crew change arrangements at different ports around the world.

Full crew arrangement

It includes all arrangement procedures for a successful crew changes:

  • Selection of seamen.
  • Evaluation of professional and educational background, assessment of compliance with the requirements to STCW.
  • Introduction of candidates to the owner, according to the specified requirements.
  • Document checking and legalization according to STCW.
  • Arranging transit visa, if it is necessary.
  • Arranging flight schedule for on/signers and off/signer to any destination.
  • Cooperation with port agent for preparation of all necessary immigration documents (OK  to board, guarantee letters, invitation letters).

Other services

Preparation of necessary documents for:

  • Flag state of different countries
  • Ukrainian Seaman’s identification cards
  • Visas

What we are

“Hansa Rederi” was established in 2000. The high level of our services and professional quality of our personnel are already known in the cargo shipping sector. We are consistently providing officers & crew for respectable shipping companies. Presently we have more than 8,000 carefully selected active seamen on our registers and offer full and partial manning services, as well as one-off placements.

The high standard of national marine education in Ukraine and large number of experienced seamen made our country as an important and competitive manning source. “Hansa Rederi” philosophy is to apply the highest possible selection criteria and recruit only the best for its client. We have developed a very efficient organization, with constantly expanding shipping client base.

The head office of “Hansa Rederi” is located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. This location allows us to have an access to the most educated candidates.

“Hansa Rederi”  is fully accredited with ISO 9000-2001.